Alec and Skylar were inseparable when they were little, until life got in the way and they stopped talking… for years.

It’s not until after Skylar’s best friend takes her own life as a result of being bullied at school, that Alec enters her life again. Alec makes it his mission to show Skylar that life is worth living. Even though it is Alec, who desperately needs someone to do the same for him.


'Emotional, Tragic, Beautiful'. It touches on issues that today's teens have to deal with more than ever before; illness, bullying, and mass tragedy. It's an emotional tale, and at the same time it's a coming of age story about falling in love, kissing in the rain, and having the strength and support to follow dreams. - Author Laci Paige

This book tugs your heart strings!!!! - Alec and Skylar's story tugs at your heart but gives you so much hope at the end. Daniele's writing in impecable. I cried my way through this book but couldn't put it down as it weaves a tale of friendship and hardships that teens go through in their daily lives.  - MysticalLitLounge



Alec and Skylar are not the typical small town couple; in fact, nothing about them is ordinary. Within just a few months, they helped one another overcome their worse fears, and tragedies that no one should have to deal with.

Now, they face new challenges. As Alec leaves for college, Skylar’s parents’ concern for their high school daughter dating a now college guy, becomes the least of their problems. When a relationship grows into something as intense and overwhelming as theirs, emotions are heightened, jealousy emerges, and lines are crossed.

Can a love that intense survive a long distance relationship with the added drama caused by ghosts from their pasts?


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